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We are one of North America’s foremost engineering firms, delivering cutting-edge solutions that exceed industry benchmarks. We transform your ideas and concepts into tangible solutions, blending expertise in mechanical, electronics, automation/robotics and industrial design with robust manufacturing support. We are your tech-enablement partner in innovation.







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About Enginuity

Enginuity is a dynamic engineering and design group, fueled by a mission to make a profound positive impact. Evolving from a small basement operation to a powerhouse team of over 50 innovative experts, we thrive on complex technical challenges and delivering tailor-made solutions that enhance the world.

Driven by curiosity, we place your challenges at the heart of our operations. Through our unique matrix team structure, we strategically apply our expertise to achieve outstanding results for our clients.

We manage the inherent risks of research and development by thoroughly examining your idea – from idea through concept, and prototyping to fabrication. If the necessary technologies don’t exist, we design them. If we lack expertise, we source it.

With Enginuity, you’re not just procuring an engineering group; you’re gaining a committed partner in innovation.

If the necessary technologies don’t exist, we design them.

What Our Clients Say

“Enginuity’s mixed range of skills from design and manufacturing to theoretical thermal dynamics were deployed in this unique project, partly funded by NASA and the Canadian Space Agency. Our relationship with Enginuity has blossomed based on success and they are now an embedded part of our team.”

Tim Hardy, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Aethera Technologies

“The Enginuity team did a superb job taking us through the early product discovery phases of our project. They assisted in bringing our idea into clear focus, mapping our path to bring the product to reality. They had the experience, engineering imagination, and resources to work with us and transform our concept into a clear description such that we can now proceed to fabricate a demonstration of our product. I highly recommend Enginuity ….

Carr Hallett, VP Engineering, MacDonald Hallett Oceans Protection Engineering Group Inc.

“Working within the confines of our medical regulatory framework, Enginuity’s medical device team iterated many prototype designs using advanced 3D print materials and novel manufacturing approaches to solve the extremely complicated problem of injecting microscopic glass beads through the human vascular system.”

Dr. Robert Abraham, ABK Biomedical

Our Specialty Services Include:

Mechanical Engineering & Design

2D and 3D Machine Design, Finite Element Analysis, Structural Design, Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Harsh Environment Design, Machine Systems, and a lot more.

Electronics Design

Sensor I/O, MCU & Processor Firmware, PCB Schematics, Layout & Prototyping, DFM PCB Design, Embedded Systems

Robotics and Automation

Machine Vision and QA Systems, Third Party Robotics Integration, Controls & Electrical Schematics, Panel Build & Test, Risk & ROI Assessments and Monitoring

Manufacturing Support

Finite Element Analysis/Numerical Analysis (FEA), Industrial Design, Functional Safety Assessments, CNC Machine & Prototyping

How can we help you?

If you have any enquiry about our engineering services service or simply would like to reach out to us.