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From precise manual milling to sophisticated advanced prototyping, we bring your concepts to life. Skilled at streamlining designs and easing production, we guarantee your projects stand out. From initial prototype development to refining final production, we are prepared to bring your project to life. Let’s start to build your physical system together.

Whether it’s bringing an electronics design to life, perfecting a mechanical assembly, or developing the manufacturing supply chain for your product, we’re here to offer that extra hand.

Rapid Prototyping, Done Right

Quick, Rapid Prototyping to Bring Your Ideas to Life, Faster Than Ever!

With Enginuity, you have immediate access to CNC Machining, 3D Printing, and PCB Milling, plus a vast network of capable contract fabricators, that when combined ensures that your projects move from concept to creation swiftly and with unmatched precision.

If you’re looking to transform your designs into reality without the wait, and want it done creatively and within budget, we’re here to make it happen. Just reach out to us today!

Enginuity’s In-House Machine Shop Magic

Whether you need a custom prototype or last minute component, we can make it happen.

Our in-house machining capability lets us swiftly turn prototypes, tweak parts, and whip up essential tools on the fly, all while closely working with our design team.

This tight integration allows us to iterate designs as we build, saving you time and money while guaranteeing the quality and functionality you need, making your production smarter and more efficient.

Our Core Manufacturing Support Services

Our manufacturing support services excel through a fusion of end-to-end production planning, cutting-edge component sourcing, and cross-disciplinary expertise, guaranteeing precision and innovation at every stage of your project.


Design for Manufacturing

By integrating DFM principles early in the design process, we anticipate and eliminate potential manufacturing hurdles, streamline assembly lines, and reduce material waste. Our approach involves close collaboration with your team to optimize designs for manufacturability without compromising on functionality or aesthetic appeal. This strategic foresight accelerates the production timeline and reduces overall production costs.


Material Selection

In the strategic phase of component and material selection, our expertise becomes your advantage. We understand the nuances of material properties and supply chain logistics, enabling us to navigate the vast options and pinpoint the ones that will elevate your project. Working with us grants you access to our network of trusted suppliers and our expertise in materials science to make informed decision for successful project delivery.


Design for Manufacturing (DFM) PCB Design

Our Design for Manufacturing (DFM) approach in PCB design optimizes for efficient, cost-effective production without sacrificing performance. Early analysis of panelization, soldering, and testing in PCB design prevents costly redesigns and delays.


Embedded Electronics Design Service

We excel in embedded and custom electronics design with extensive experience in diverse industries. Our expertise includes microcontrollers, FPGA technology, and analog/digital circuitry. We prioritize power efficiency, EMI/EMC compliance, and real-time processing.


Injection Molding

Our expertise in injection molding, combined with our robust network of specialized partners, ensures access to premium injection molding services for your projects. We optimize designs, guaranteeing efficiency and precision in high-volume production.


High-Fidelity Prototyping

We excel in creating complex components with tight tolerances across a broad range of materials, from PCBAs to metals, polymers, and composites. Our in-house capabilities allow us to seamlessly transition from a single prototype to small-scale production runs.


Supply Chain Development

Our supply chain development strategy focuses on crafting and enhancing supply networks for maximum resilience, efficiency, and scalability. We work closely with clients to fortify their supply chain, setting clear parameters, identifying optimal suppliers, and ensuring seamless integration and cooperation within the network.


Industry-Specific Manufacturing Expertise

Our team’s decades long manufacturing experience with a wide variety of industries spanning medical, defense, aerospace, consumer electronics, energy, and production and industrial machinery will provide you with an competitive edge in whatever you are trying to build.

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