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Product Design and Development

Our product design and development service is tailored to innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses ready to revolutionize the market. Whether you’re aiming to disrupt existing markets or create entirely new categories, our team is committed to providing the expertise, resources, and support you need to succeed.

From initial sketches to creating products that solves big problems, we’re with you at every step. Remember, hardware is hard, but leverage our 20+ years of product design and development experience to your advantage.

From Idea to Building Your First Prototype 

We can help you at any stage of the product development.

We transform your initial sketches into product prototype design that capture the world’s attention. Our product development team can guide you from refining your concept to building your first prototype.

When you work with us you get the product that not only stands out from your competitors but is also a source of pride.

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From First Batch To Mass Production 

Seamlessly Transitioning Your first prototype to Consumer’s Hand

Navigating from your first prototype to mass production is only one piece of the puzzle. Protecting your innovation through strategic patenting and carving out a successful launch strategy are critical steps that we meticulously plan and execute together.

Our product design process takes care of everything from the smallest of details to the biggest challenges. But, we ensure you’re well-informed and involved at every step.

Our Core Product Development Specialty

We have been making prototype for the biomedical, marine, pharmaceutical, and aerospace sectors, showcasing our wide-ranging capabilities.


Product, Market, and Business Analysis

When your brilliant idea takes shape, our first step is to validate your vision and implement early risk management strategies. We conduct a thorough analysis of market trends, assess product feasibility, and devise strategic plans for market entry and positioning.


Concept Development and Prototyping

During product concept development, we navigate ideation, sketching, and feasibility. Then, we transform sketches into tangible models, enabling early feedback and iterative refinement, ensuring the final prototype resonates with your target audience.


Electronics and Embedded Systems Prototyping

We seamlessly integrate electronics and embedded systems in your product prototype. We seamlessly integrate technology into your designs, from simple circuits to complex systems, ensuring your product is innovative and user-friendly.


Advanced Rapid Prototyping

Techniques like high-resolution 3D printing, selective laser sintering (SLS), and direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) allow for complex geometries and robust prototypes suitable for functional testing, user feedback, and design validation in shorter time frames.


Material Selection for Prototypes

Selecting the perfect materials for your prototype is crucial, and our experts are here to guide you. We balance aesthetics, functionality, and cost, ensuring your prototype not only looks and feels right but also aligns with your production goals and budget.


Human Machine Interface (HMI)

When we design prototype, we focus on intuitive user experiences. Your prototype are refined through user testing, ensuring every touchpoint is thoughtful, accessible, and impactful, making your product intuitive and loved.

Proud to Have Worked With

Our Specialty Services Include:

Mechanical Engineering & Design

2D and 3D Machine Design, Finite Element Analysis, Structural Design, Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Harsh Environment Design, Machine Systems, and a lot more.

Electronics Design

Sensor I/O, MCU & Processor Firmware, PCB Schematics, Layout & Prototyping, DFM PCB Design, Embedded Systems

Robotics and Automation

Machine Vision and QA Systems, Third Party Robotics Integration, Controls & Electrical Schematics, Panel Build & Test, Risk & ROI Assessments and Monitoring

Manufacturing Support

Finite Element Analysis/Numerical Analysis (FEA), Industrial Design, Functional Safety Assessments, CNC Machine & Prototyping

How can we help you?

If you have any enquiry about our engineering services service or simply would like to reach out to us.