Harsh Environment Engineering For Extreme Marine Conditions

For over two decades, we have served in the military, commercial, and scientific sectors. Specializing in harsh environment engineering, we are industry leaders in design, development, and prototyping tailored for the most demanding marine environments. Our expertise includes designing and developing high-pressure housing, subsea design, high-temperature applications, sensor design, among others.

There’s no extreme environment engineering challenge that can’t be solved. Embrace the diversity of the challenge, be it physical, operational or prototyping – our team is here to assist.

Engineering Solutions for the Harshest Environments

In the world’s most unforgiving conditions, we ensure your mission’s success. From full ocean depth to polar waters, we design, prototype, and deploy solutions that meet rigorous marine operation demands. Our expertise includes top-side design, shore-based support systems, and subsea instrumentation mechanisms.

We specialize in harsh environment engineering, rugged electronics, and subsea engineering services. Our comprehensive offshore engineering solutions include top-side design, shore-based support systems, and subsea instrumentation, ensuring mission success in the most extreme marine environments.

Problems We Can Help You Solve

It can be remarkably challenging to build solutions that need to withstand extreme fluctuations in pressure, temperature, and humidity along with the other challenges of remote deployment at sea. Here are some of the challenges we’ve conquered:

    • Corrosion: due to dissimilar metals in salt water
    • Watertight enclosures: for extreme temperatures and pressures
    • Mooring and anchoring: for high sea states and in deep sea conditions
    • Launch and retrieval: under various extremes of lighting, temperatures and sea states
    • Power management: for long battery life under high actuators and communication loads
    • Ruggedized packaging: that can handle high impact loads and extreme pressures
    • Wear and chafing: between moving parts caused by sand, ice build-up, and marine fouling
    • Protecting marine life: caused by natural interactions
    • Satisfying regulations: with varying restrictions around the globe
    • FEA Failure prediction: using finite element analysis to predict failures before they happen.
    • Prototyping: transforming ideas and designs into functional prototypes
    • Production: taking prototypes to sea-ready production
    • Lab and Field Testing: to ensure designs perform as predicted before full-scale deployment.
    • Design for Manufacture: to achieve designs that can be fabricated on budget and at scale.

    Proud to Have Worked With

    Enginuity is the trusted engineering partner for global marine and ocean tech companies, including:

    Our Core Harsh Environment Engineering Specialty

    Whether it’s navigating the complexities of commercial shipping, harnessing offshore energy, building sturdy marine infrastructure, mastering harsh environments, or leading search and rescue efforts, we can help you. 


    Subsea design and engineering

    We specialize in AUVs, ROVs, and comprehensive subsea systems, providing support for oil rigs and renewable energy platforms. Our sustainable engineering solutions ensure efficient subsea exploration and energy extraction.


    Vessel Engineering and Unmanned Systems Development

    We specialize in the design and engineering of marine vessels, ensuring optimal performance, safety, and compliance. Our advancements in unmanned systems for surface and subsurface operations underscore our commitment to leading-edge solutions.


    Structural Integrity and Load-Bearing Analysis

    Ensuring the durability and strength of marine structures, our experts conduct thorough structural integrity assessments and load-bearing analysis. Our focus on precision engineering supports the safe and efficient development of marine infrastructure, ensuring long-term operational success.


    Corrosion Control and Material Selection

    Specializing in corrosion control and advanced material selection, we provide solutions that enhance the longevity and reliability of marine assets. By using cutting-edge materials and protective coatings, we help mitigate the effects of harsh marine environments, ensuring robust performance and reduced maintenance costs.

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